Benefits of Remote Viewing

Better Insight

Remote Viewing teaches you the necessary, real and fundamental distinctions within yourself and within the world that are necessary to allow the "aperture" within yourself to open up. You learn fine attentional skills and in many ways remote viewing is much like discrimination training.

Spiritual and Psychic Growth

Learning to remote view is to your psychic abilities as learning to read music is to yuor musical abillities. Both are incredible disciplines and tools to empower you and free you to use your natural abilities to the max.


Learn to use both your intuitive and analytic abillites together in harmony. the real coordination between intuitive and critical thinking skills is what is missing from many metaphysical new age perspectives; and what the practice and discipline of remote viewing can offer you.

What is Integral Remote Viewing?

What is Integral Remote Viewing?

Remote viewing is a "non-local" technique whereby one can experience being present at an undisclosed location that can be thousands of miles away. One can see, feel, touch, smell, and hear at this distant location just by using one's mind and attention in a special way. An integral perspective takes into account all aspects and levels of "reality", the self and others. It tries to leave no aspects neglected. It takes into account our conscious states, our past current & futures stages of development, the subjective and objective parts of ourselves, our society and culture, the physical environment, and our spirituality.

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