I believe one of the true tests of two or more people being on a higher level or stage of development is the ability to be on the same page with each other. To be able to see what the words are pointing to and not just intellectually grasping the words. They are able to see that, although the words and ideas and concepts may appear different, they are really pointing to the same reality. It is not merely agreement or rather it is a higher form of agreement. There is also no need to drop down to a more primitive version of reality in order to understand the other person. I believe this sharing of the same page is a wonderful way to communicate and be with another person and goes far beyond what is normally thought of as communication. I seek people who can be on the same page with me and me be on the same page with them. Then when we both look at a tree we are actually seeing the tree and the fruit on the tree and not agree or disagree about our idea of the tree. People who are on a higher developmental level than our own, will be able to see more of the tree and more of the fruits of the tree. We must realize that even the word tree and fruit are but pointers that may become obsolete as we develop to higher levels and higher givens.

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