Dr. Carr:


Dr. Wayne Carr currently resides in Kirkland, Washington, originally from Pasadena, California. He received a BA in Psychology from Sonoma State University, an MA in Educational Psychology from Northern Arizona, and a Ph.D. in Psychology from the Universtiy of Nevada Reno.

Other notable academic achievements are; Instructor status from the Farsight Institute, the basic, intermediate, and extended remote viewing training at Remote Viewing Technologies, participation in the Medical Intuitive Workshop with Caroline Myss, and psychic training with Bob Hoffman.

He is the executive director of the Western Institute of Remote Viewing and the American Association of Remote Viewers.

Dr. Carr has either been calibrated with or taught by the following; Dr. David Morehouse with Remote Viewing Technologies, Ray Border the former executive director of AARV and Prudence Calabrese of TDS, Angela Thompson of Innervision, Glen Wheaton of HRVG, and Caroline Myss author of Anatomy of the Spirit.

A revelating history of psychic phenomenon and consciousness has consumed Dr. Carr. His doctoral dissertation was on brain waves and states of consciousness, and his MA research project on telepathy. Dr. Carr has made it his mission to find new ways to integrate ‘Spiritual’ and ‘primal emotions’ into his practice and life.

These collaborations with notable individuals in the field, an extended academic history, leadership positions in associations, countless media appearances, and Dr. Carr’s personal love for remote viewing qualifies Dr. Carr as a worthy individual, capable of many things, that is well worth your time.

If the off chance you don’t find Dr. Carr working on his passion he will most likely be cycling, hiking, performing martial arts, or meditating.