Remote Viewing


I know that somehow this remote viewing is in my life’s path for my progression to the next steps I take – spiritually, physically, mentally! Thank you for your time and thank you for your informative and ‘earth-shattering’ (my ‘earth’, that is!) presentation! My experience during the meditative “seeing” of the target was one of such total surrender at points…   Thank you for your gentle and your well-researched approach to the subject of remote viewing. It allowed me to keep an open mind easily. Thank you for your time and wonderful presence …

— Diana

Dr. Wayne Carr provides a rich and fascinating wealth of data on remove viewing which pulled me in from the get go.  The workshop atmosphere was safe, warm and extremely supportive.  Everyone was encouraged in their abilities, as well as reinforced.  It is an amazing tool and one that I recognize as being present in all of us!  Incredible to watch participants realize their talent especially even at just the beginning level.  My utmost admiration goes to Dr. Carr’s ability as an instructor with this tool.  Truly, the most amazing workshop I’ve ever attended.

— Laura S.

Types of Remote Viewing


This gives you the power to view accurate medical diagnoses, future treatment outcomes, and the ability to target specific organs. It teaches fundamental distinctions that are absolutely necessary for any serious healing/diagnostic work.


To view one’s self, relationships, and major events in one’s life. It also provides the ability to process emotional information in a supportive atmosphere.


To view one’s daily life. It increases your intuitive and cognitive abilities. This is useful for anyone and everyone on all forms not else discussed.


Gives the possibility of viewing spiritual targets such as God, the Christ, the Buddha, other spiritual masters, light beings, angelic beings, the first moment of creation, the nature of the universe, one’s relationship to God, other dimensions, ancient civilizations etc. Who or what you choose to remote view depends on your own passion, curiosity, and spiritual path.


Provides psychological assessment and psychotherapy. It has the potential to locate, identify, and experience trauma, defenses, fears, conscious and unconscious thought process and emotional process.

Benefits of Remote Viewing

Better Insight

Remote Viewing teaches you the real and fundamental distinctions within yourself and the world that are necessary to allow the “aperture” within yourself to open up. You learn fine attentional skills. In many ways, remote viewing is much like discrimination training.

Spiritual and Psychic Growth

Learning to remote view is to your psychic abilities as learning to read music is to your musical abilities. Both are incredible disciplines and tools to empower you and free you to use your natural abilities to the utmost potential.

Balance in Life

Learn to use both your intuitive and analytic abilities together in harmony. The real coordination between intuitive and critical thinking skills is what is missing from many metaphysical new age perspectives. This what the practice and discipline of remote viewing can offer you.